Monday, June 7, 2010

I remember when...

I saw my friend's 12 week old baby this weekend. He was so small, making all those little movements and sounds a infant makes. I held him and I remember when (though it's hard) Luke was that small. I remember when he would make rooting movements and being the new parent that I was I didn't know he longed to suckle. I wish I could have pacified all of his needs at the breast. But it hurt too bad. I remember how I thought I was supposed to feed him every couple of hours and he would be full... at least that's what the nurses told me. Now I know better. They need the breast more. And most of all, I know what they need more than anyone else could tell me.
I remember Luke used to squirm for no reason. I know with the next one that squirms and small fusses mean potty. That babies don't like soil themselves. I will know they have control and they want to be free of diapers.
I remember when we used to bath Luke. Then dress him afterwards. He hated everything about it. Next time I'm not bothering with that. Babies don't need baths and they certainly don't need toxic lotions spread on their bodies. Luke smells better than ever and he doesn't bath every day.
I remember when It was so hard to lay Luke down by himself, even in the crib pushed next to our bed. I remember how much more sleep I got when we finally just put him in bed with us. Now I know that babies sleep better next to their parents, my next baby will be snuggled next to me.
All the holding of my friend's new baby brought back so many memories of the early days of being a new parent. I'm not sure if I missed it yet... but I just remember when


Lisa C said...

What a sweet post. You know, I spent so much time in the first weeks just staring at Michael, sleeping, with his head on my chest, that I can remember THAT pretty well. But the next months are kind of blurry.

I'm looking forward to doing it all over again, too, with the same little improvements.

Lisa C said...

Oh, yeah, and Luke DOES smell good!