Friday, July 23, 2010

14 Months!

(I forgot the 13 month post. The first two months after he turned a year went by so fast, I kept telling people he was 12 months, when actually he was 13.)

Oh dear Luke, my sweet little baby,

You are 14 months. 14! I can't believe it. I was looking at pictures when you were small. Has it really been this long? You have filled my heart with so much joy.

Now, not only are you walking, you are learning how to run. You can go so fast now. You keep me on my toes (and Pickle too). Along with running and moving your fast little feet, you love marching. You like to march in place, in the kitchen to make noise, and on every side walk grate thing you see. You like to stomp when you're excited or when you climb my parents coffee table, or climb on the bed. In fact, you just learned to climb the dinning room chairs. I'm hoping it's a while before you learn that the dinning room table isn't much further.

Airplanes are almost your favorite thing now. You see them in the sky and make the sign for airplane. Sometimes when you hear them from inside the house you will make the sign and then a 'sshzzz' noise like an engine. You can also sign, house, car, more, bird, hat, shoes, socks, book, elephant and many more. I need to learn more signs to teach you. You've also learned a lot of words. More than I can probably count now. Just a couple days ago you said 'Usa' (my best friend who used to live with us).
You've been repeating words that I say left and right. One of our favorites is when you point to the door or window and say 'outside' which sounds more like 'OUTssss'. It's really cute. You love the outdoors. You are so happy to go to the park or even just to play outside on the porch.

At the Nature Trail at the park, hugging a tree at the Zoo, at a restaurant outside, playing at a park

You love dirt. And digging in anything. Especially the wood chips at the parks. Sometimes I wonder why we bought you toys, you're completely happy with a stick, a rock, or a handful of dirt.

digging with a stick at the park with your second cousin

Digging in your grandparents backyard

You are starting to enjoy food more. You like meat now. You are still eating sticks of butter. We had salmon and shrimp the other night and you loved it. Oh yeah, and you like bacon, but who doesn't? Berries are still your favorite thing. And you have and apple or an apricot or anything like that, you insist on having it whole.

Eating bacon. Eating at our local grocery store.

eating butter... again.

You have been really wanting to get involved with cooking. I have let you put food into the pan, stir the pan and sometimes cut veggies. You are obsessed with doing all of these.

Helping stir.

sorting through veggies after the farmers market

Who knows, maybe you'll be a chef?

You now have 8 teeth in your mouth. I can't wait till you get your molars because you'll be able to chew food better.

You have been enjoying playing with kids now. Especially your older cousin Kenzie. You would play with her until you are so exhausted that you couldn't move. It's been fun to see you interact with kids now. At the park you will always follow older kids around.

Playing with your cousins

Luke you are becoming so big, like a little boy more than a baby. We love spending time with you. And Daddy and I love you so much. Stop growing up :)


Juliana @ Shakti Mama said...

Oh, wow, he seems so much older than 14 months! He's so smart! I can't believe Luna will be there in three months ... how much they change.

He looks much older than pictures I saw of him when he turned a year old. He must be growing fast.

I love the pictures of him cooking ... wow!

Lisa C said...

I love all the food pictures, and the tree-hugging picture!lol

He IS growing up fast. I'm trying to remember where Michael was at that point. I know he had only been walking for a month, and I was too afraid to let him use a knife yet, even though he really wanted to.

Erin said...

Oh, the butter-eating photo is SO cute!!! Ha ha!