Friday, July 9, 2010

Self Portrait

Shakti Mama just challenged everyone to take a self portrait of ourselves. She says a lot of us hide behind blogs. We take pictures of our kids and our worlds and that we might not want people to see what we actually look like. Or maybe we just don't feel confident in what we actually look like. But we are all beautiful!
I know personally, I am pretty particular about pictures that I'm in. Making sure that they look really good before I post them on my blog or facebook or something. But, the people that see me every day see it all. Why should I care about little details of a photo?
Anyway, here I am. This is me. This is me when I usually blog. Messy hair, just woken up, in need of coffee.


Lisa C said...

Well, I must say, you look pretty nice when I see you in person! I used to be that way...only putting the best shots of me up. I still usually put ones that I like, but I am getting much less picky, and I will show a "bad" photo of me if it tells a story I want to share.

Juliana @ Shakti Mama said...

I love your disheveled hair! LOL, I always look this way, not just when I wake up :). I never brush my hair ... too curly and it would just get big.

Even with the hair, you have pretty eyes, and I can tell you're a really nice person. I mean, you have this sweet, lovely look to you. Isn't it weird that we can tell this by looking at photos?

In the second photograph though, you look like you're just having fun, there's a little abandon here. I love it. This is probably you with your little guy?

Can you tell I'm a fiction writer :)?

Thank you for sharing!

Pickle said...

haha. you are a fiction writer and just in general a good writer, i can tell from your blog. that's why I like to read it so much. I'm nothing but a humble engineer trying to write. haha.
Thanks for the compliment.

Twig and Toadstool said...

I love all of this blog honesty! I just came to you via Shakti mama's blog...I LOVE these pictures! Isn't it sad how judgemental we are towards ourselves. I know when I see these "raw" images they make my heart break...they are so raw and just filled with such beauty!
Thank you for your honesty!
xo maureen

Pickle said...

Maureen thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!! I like these pictures too, my hair gets pretty crazy in the morning!! I have been loving seeing the other pics too. I can't wait to read your blog now!

Anonymous said...

I just did mine too!