Friday, July 16, 2010


I've been reading The Primal Blueprint and the blog that the author of the book writes Mark's Daily Apple. I have been eating 'primal' (meats, eggs, real butter/whole dairy, veggies, fruits, nuts... no grains) more/less for about a month now.
(I'm a huge cheater so far, we've been having a lot of off days this week. I've had a huge sinus headache and it makes me feel sick, thus the change in diet.) I think another reason I've been off the diet this week is because I'm running out of ideas. I just ordered the Primal cookbook and it should be coming today. I'm excited to try new recipes. I think I get bored with the same old stuff all the time. If I have too many big hunks of chicken breast, I get tired of it and it grosses me out. I have to switch it up. I don't think I could get sick of my breakfast omelette though, it's so tasty.

But overall, not eating as many carbs, I feel great. It's not only that, but eating more protein has helped me feel more energetic. Also, I've been eating more veggies which has probably been a huge factor in feeling good. So far, I've been having a two egg omlette with broccholi and cheese for breakfast, salad with chicken (or left over meat from the night before) for lunch, then dinner is protein and veggies. I've also enjoyed snacks of whole greek yogurt, dried fruits, and nuts(including big spoonfuls of peanut butter).
They really recommend using butter to cook with. I'm used to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I mean, I use butter for things like waffles and baking but I have always used EVOO in cooking pans and stuff. So using more butter now is a little different because it makes the food taste richer. Sometimes it's a little too rich for me but still delicious.
I have lost a few pounds too. I'm not trying to loose weight just for the record, but I was surprised to see that it wasn't really that hard. Living 'Primal' advocates lots of walking and some sprinting, which I have been doing some of but probably not enough walking. So I was surprised with couple pounds lost with out working out.
It should be interesting after we get the cookbook to see how it continues to go. I will keep you updated.


Lisa C said...

Interesting. I understand the theory behind primal living, but I don't know that God actually designed us that way. The way I understand it, even Adam and Eve were out in the land, tilling it, essentially farming. That's not to say we can't live primally, either. Lots of people throughout history have done it. Have you heard of the Blood Type Diet? I'm a type O, so I'm supposed to be eating the diet you describe, but I cannot eat that much meat (I don't believe in eating that much meat, either), and I just cannot feel satisfied without eating grains, so I would be hungry all day long and my energy would be down. So, I guess we just have to listen to our bodies!

Juliana @ Shakti Mama said...

As Mel and Sarah said over at my blog, there's so much synchronicity! I just wrote about my own relationship with food. I'm supposed to eat protein and fat, otherwise I too feel sick, nauseated, "full" but unsatisfied & hungry, headachy ... and my gall bladder and acid reflux problems worsen, so I really try to stick to this diet, although the last couple of years have been really hard for me. I really, really wish I could eat more grains, but my body just doesn't do well with it. And I've often wished I could be vegetarian, but my body definitely hates this. So, I am an intuitive eater ... I eat what feels right for my body. Oh, and I'm blood type O too, which is the oldest blood type (the same blood type as the hunters and gatherers back in the day).

Anyway, it sounds like you're doing great! It's exciting that you've found a way of eating that really works for you. And you're probably losing weight because your body is much more efficient at breaking down protein and fat into energy than carbs and sugar.

Pickle said...

ok, for some reason I didn't get the update that I got comments. Sorry it's taken so long.

I was skeptical too. And I thought I couldn't live without grains either. But I feel so good. When I have my omelette in the morning with veggies cooked in butter, I feel full and satisfied. When I have toast, I just get hungry in a few hours.
I sometimes get sick of eating meat too... It grosses me out sometimes but finding new ways to cook it are fun and more exciting. Also, we don't buy meat unless it's good meat. We don't eat meat from farmers who don't take care of their animals.
I think it makes sense to me about the grains and all the problems with obesity and diabetes. I think people overdo grains, not to mention sugar. Anything with in reason is always good.

I know how you feel. I always want to be a vegetarian haha. I kinda tried it one time but I just feel better with the protein. But, sometimes I just can't resist some french toast, or a huge slice of bread.

I'm type O too.(I think the majority of people are) I don't know if I think eating according to your blood type works or not. I talked about it with my father in law one time (he's a doctor) and he explained a lot of scientific ways of why it wouldn't work. I can't remember now. I just remember they told my type not to drink coffee... that's when I knew it was wrong LOL haha.