Sunday, July 11, 2010

Through the Keyhole #7 Window Sill

This is our 3rd Bedroom. (or second, whatever number you wanna call it) My friend Usa used to live in it. She moved out when we put our house up for sale. Now the room is a TV room.
I moved the TV in here a long time ago to get it out of the main room. I (sometimes) kept leaving the TV on as background noise during the day or would just have it on and I got tired of it. We moved it just before Luke really even noticed the TV too much.

Anyway, this is the window sill in the TV room. I love this small part of yard in our small house. The previous owners had planted trees along the fence and they just look so good now when they are full of leaves and green.
I put my pepper plants in this room on the window sill. This is one of the few window sills that Luke can't (for now anyway) reach. The rest of our window sills are at a lower level. The plants really need to be transferred into larger containers. But, I just forget about them in this room.
I hardly ever see this side of the house. I hardly ever have a reason to go over there. And for that matter, I hardly ever have a reason to go in this room. I don't watch TV very often, with the exception of the two hours I spend in there on Monday nights watching (I'm embarrassed to say this...) the Bachelorette. It is Monday's when I notice the trees outside, my pepper plants on the window sill, and even get a glimpse into our neighbor's house ;).
I really love this room. If we were staying in this house, I would probably turn this room into some kind of office fun room or something. But maybe I'd just leave it how it is. I'm really looking forward to the feeling of 'being in this house for a while' type thing. I don't think I've ever felt that way in my adult life.
But for now, I'm enjoying this side room window sill on Monday night while I watch a trashy show on TV. lol


Lisa C said...

The Bachelorette is on tonight, yeah! (If it were really trashy, I wouldn't watch it.)

If those pepper plants were mine, they'd be dead by now. If I don't look at something on a regular basis, I just forget about it.

Mon said...

oh plant them out, plant them out! nothing like peppers from your garden.
love all the greenery outside too.

thanks for sharing!