Monday, October 10, 2011

First Farm Shift

We just recently asked if our meat farmer needed help running his farm store.  We noticed he had some other people help out sometimes.  He said he did and that landed us a once a month Saturday shift. 
You might wonder why we wanted to work there?  I've met some pretty cool people who go there to get their meat.  Most of them are traditional eaters including some paleo people.  So it's pretty cool to talk to them.  Also, we get free eggs and meat! 
This last Saturday was our first shift.  We work from 10-3.  It was kind of too long for Luke.  He loved it until he got tired around 1-2.  But the farmer said we could just work 10-1 while he gives his farm tour, or we were thinking that I could take the kids home once they get tired and my husband could stay.  Probably we'll just do the 10-1 thing.  Even though this week was a pretty long time to be there, we got 6 chickens, 6 dozen eggs and 3lb of pork out of it.  Not too shabby.

my husband and Luke looking around the farm

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