Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Today

I got an email from our dog's breeder last night saying that her all day appointment was today.  We had confirmed for Thursday but I thought it had changed, but I was wondering if she had mistakenly said today when she meant to say tomorrow.  Anyway, she said she would be there around 1030. 

When we woke up I remembered La Leche League was today.  Started at 9.  Luke woke up ten minutes till 9.  We would have gone late if we wouldn't have had the lady coming to get our dog.  Then there was a fireman story time scheduled today at the library at 11.  But I couldn't leave until I knew if she was going to pick up the dog.  I waited.  I finally called, and I was right, it's tomorrow that she's coming to get the dog.  So we missed everything.  To pass the time until my husband came home for lunch we cut up apples to put in the food processor to make lacto-fermented apple sauce (more on that in a later blog post).

My husband came home at 1130 for lunch.  Then we went to an apple orchard because I wanted to buy their raw honey and get some apples.  I forgot the ergo for Taryn.  Blah.  So I was just going to buy honey since I couldn't exactly take the two out to the field with out the carrier AND pick apples.  But the lady said they had some already picked pears.  So I decided I'd get those instead.  And honey.  But they didn't have the jar we normally get, they either had the bear of honey, which doesn't last too long here.  Or a gallon size.  I bought the gallon.  Yes, a gallon.  We'll use it, eventually.

Stopped by my husband's work on the way back  home, gave him a pear.  Then we came home and I tried to nurse Luke down for a nap.  He didn't want it, but he was still happy thankgoodness.  So we played for about 30 minutes doing this silly game on the bed and then when he got tired again we nursed and he fell asleep.  Taryn was with us in bed, she nursed in between the two attemps to nurse and then after Luke fell asleep, she did too.

After nap, we made paleo banana muffins.  Then I tried to clean up a little.  Then we played in the play room until my husband came home.  Then I made dinner. 

The day went pretty fast and we hardly did a thing.  I love days like today.

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