Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm so behind about posting.  I really want to keep a better record of what we do everyday so I can look back on my kids when they were young.  Gonna try a little harder :) Coming soon- Taryn's 4 month post (which has turned into 4 1/2 month post)

We went to the Zoo a week ago.  I have been wanting to try a trip up to the city for a while.  It usually takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour.  I was a bit nervous thinking I'd have to stop for Taryn.  Though, of course, she slept the whole way.  Luke and I sang to his 'Luke' cd that Grandma and Grandpa bought him last winter.  I'm driving my husbands car right now, we switched so he could get my brakes fixed and we haven't switched back.  His car's cd player works because a toddler didn't shove coins in his, haha.  
Anyway the trip up went well.  We got there and renewed our membership.  I brought our stroller just in case.  It was a good decision because sometimes I have to put Taryn down while I help Luke potty, nurse, etc.  And Taryn actually likes riding in it, so she took a few joy rides in it while we walked all around.  Luke walked most of the way until the end when I got the pleasure of carrying two kids back up the hill to the car while pushing a stroller, good times.

Overall, trip was successful!  I really wanted to try to go by myself, with out having the pressure of meeting someone.  It was a good way to start, and I'm happy it worked out.  I am so much less stressed about car rides now, because I just feel like I have more confidence and know what to do now that it's the second baby.

Here are some lovely pics of the Zoo!

I saw this giraffe pee for literally 3 minutes.  I kept looking back, and he was still peeing!

on the Zoo train

i just love him so much

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Lisa C said...

I bet it felt so great to do a big outing like that on your own! So funny about the giraffe, hahaha.

I always took a stroller when Michael was smaller. Even if I wasn't using it for him, it's a great place to stash my bag and snacks. :)