Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Brother and Sister

Sometimes we go to the store at night... mostly to get something we need but also to play around and burn energy.  My kids go to bed late, so it's nice my son has a chance to run around a little bit inside where it's not raining.  We found these chairs at the store tonight.

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

How cute are they! They look so comfy in their borrowed chairs, and like such happy siblings.

I'm glad we're not the only ones running around stores late at night. Sometimes we get comments from the cashiers about "Shouldn't they be in bed?" Hey, whatever. Our kids aren't going to work in the morning. ;)

Cassie said...

LOL. Or I like the comments from friends, 'oh, I wish my kids slept in'. You can have that if you're willing to let them stay up until 11. My kids aren't magical, they just stay up late.

Hannah and Horn said...

My DH and I work until 11pm so we don't pick up our LO until 11:30pm. He is usually in bed by 1:30am. The shock and horrified expressions that we get from family and friends when we say our guy is a great sleeper is kind of funny. He likes to sleep in during the mornings which works great by us.