Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EC update

Just as I am writing this I am looking down to see that Luke peed in his diaper. He's sleeping and we just nursed so I think he peed then (he didn't pee all night long, hence the wet diaper now)
This weekend we went to my parents. We left Thursday night and came back Monday. Luke wet a total of 2 diapers the entire trip.
One was a night time diaper, so I can hardly count that since he still pees at night when he wakes up to nurse. The last couple nights he holds it until morning but if I don't take him when he wakes up to nurse, the huge night pee he's been holding leeks every where. Usually out of his diaper and on the bed. I think I might buy a better night diaper. I'm tired of washing sheets.
The other time he peed was when my grandparents were over for dinner. There was a lot of distraction and he was busy. He did stop, look down, and make the 'ssss' noise and then he turned and looked at us. We saw him do that right away so we changed him out of his training pants. But he knew what he was doing.
He's been doing the noise every time now. If he pees in his diaper or on the floor he will make the 'sss' noise that I've been doing the whole time. One time, in the car, he made that noise and we asked him if he could hold it until we could pull over. We pulled over and to our surprise he waited. So does he understand now? He seems to be understanding and very aware of when he pees. Now I don't know what to do. Leave him in underwear, training pants, or diaper. I'm not sure where to go from here.


Lisa C said...

I wouldn't know what to do, either. He's doing better than Michael did at his age. At 13 months Michael was just having fun experimenting with his pee...peeing on the floor and then playing in it and such. Maybe you could start encouraging him to go sit on the potty on his own?

Pickle said...

yeah, that's a good idea. i wanted to talk to you about it sometime. I'm gonna try that.