Friday, May 14, 2010

EC update

Lately since Luke has become so mobile (walking ALL over the place) I have caught him on his way to the bathroom on a few occasions. We have always used the small potty in the bathroom. I tried once to do it in the living room, but its just too distracting for him to go anywhere but the bathroom. Well, he does enjoy a good pee outside but as far as in house locations, it's only the bathroom.
There were a couple times where we were in the living room and he just took off down the hall for no reason. The first time he made it down the hall but then stopped. I came over, looked in his diaper and sure enough, he peed. The next time he was diaper free. He crawled like he was going somewhere down the hall then stopped and peed. I think he knew he had to go, but just couldn't make it all the way in there.
When we were at his grandparents he has made his way in the bathroom on two occasions. The first time he went in there, he had just peed about 5 minutes earlier, so just a little dribble came out in his diaper and he was done with it. The next time I thought, well I'll just see if that was the reason he went into the bathroom. I held him over the potty and sure enough, he had to go.
Just recently he pointed to the bathroom while we were sitting in our room. He had to go then too. Though, he has pointed to the bathroom other times when he hasn't had to go. (he really likes to point)
I know I still have a ways to go before he's 'potty trained'. But I'm not even sure what that really means. He goes most days with only wetting diapers at night (because I'm too lazy or tired to get up and take him) or he wets diapers when he's busy playing or at a new place. But when we go out, more and more I just leave him in his training pants. I think I'm becoming more and more confident about him just wearing training pants instead of a diaper and a lot of times I wonder why I'm carrying around so many diapers.
I know it'll still be a while but EC is so amazing. I can't believe how far we've come.


Lisa C said...

Wow, that's cool. We have potties everywhere in our house...Michael doesn't mind where he goes! Maybe that's not such a good thing, though--maybe it would be better if he only wanted to go in the bathroom! lol

I went to a potty-training class last night with my sister, just for the heck of it. I realized that I really don't care about as much about him being 'potty-trained' as I thought I did. I'm glad we are doing EC, and we're just going to go with the flow, I think.

Pickle said...

it would be very interesting to go to a potty training class. It's just a different mind set I think... I feel like EC seems so much more relaxed because it's like an eventual thing... Not a weekend thing or a couple week thing. Even if it takes Luke as long to be 'potty trained' as a regular potty trained kid, I wouldn't trade the ECing for anything. It's so fun. And many laughs have been had about being peed on :)

Pickle said...

...And no poopy cloth diapers!

Lisa C said...

Yeah, no wiping smeared poop off baby's bottom!

I just wrote a post about potty-training thoughts. After going to the class I could really see the difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

So, I really need to figure out how to do this. Is there a good website or book? Is nine months old too late to begin?

Pickle said...

I mostly read about it on There's books too but I don't have any. My husband was the one who heard about it and wanted to do it and my real life neighbor... Lisa_C at Edenwild has been a great resource for me to ask questions to. Also- the continuum concept forum. Most everyone ECs, so they always share how each of them do it. You can start an older baby I think it says how on that website. It's so much fun and I really like it... Even if he doesn't potty train earlier, it's still totally worth it! If you have questions you an email me too :)