Saturday, May 15, 2010

Through the Keyhole #1

Looking through the keyhole is hosted by Holistic Mama. Its a great idea. And I'm excited to see the view from my blogging friends.
This is my view out of my kitchen window. Usually my cat, Pickle, is sitting on the window sill watching the millions of other neighbor cats wander around. But it looks like a bigger view with out him sitting there. I guess I should have waited to take the picture until when he was sitting there.
Sadly, you can see the 'for sale' sign in our front yard. My husband got a new job pretty far away from our house. We're hoping to sell and move closer to his work. But since we have to keep our house looking nice, Luke and I have planted some flowers in pots that are on the porch railing. I also got a hanging flower basket from my parents in law for my birthday. It's beautiful.
I love that you can see the street from the kitchen window. I like to watch people outside. There isn't too much that goes on outside but it's nice to be able to see.
I can also see our neighbor's yard, which is very well up-kept. They are Oregon Duck fans. So during football season, they had their Ducks flag up while we had our Oregon State Beaver Flag up. Those of you who don't know, in Oregon, the two major universities... Oregon State and University of Oregon are BIG time rivals. My husband and I went to Oregon State.
I feel so blessed to have a wonderful kitchen with a wonderful view from my very own house.


Lisa C said...

Wow, your sink view is really pretty! I bet it's really interesting to watch all the people go by (not that there are many walkers in our neighborhood--just a few of us!). I love the flowers.

Lisa C said...

By the way, you can add your link on Mon's post at Holistic Mama.

Lisa C said...

Oh, wait, nevermind. I didn't recognize your abbreviated name. :P

Mon said...

my view from the last UK home was similar in that i could see the street. there was a LOT going on in that one though.

thanks for sharing your stories attached to this view!

Juliana Crespo said...

So peaceful and calm, especially with the flowers out front!

A Green Spell said...

Dropping by from the link at Holistic Mama. Love your view - so pretty!

And go, Beavs! I'm an OSU graduate, too! :)

Pickle said...

thanks for the compliments!