Friday, May 28, 2010

Tired and more kids.

This has been one tiring week. My parents were in town last weekend for Luke's party. So I might be tired from the party and just having everyone over. I didn't quite get all my usual naps in. But Luke has been teething BAD. The poor little guy is in pain. His poor mommy is sleep deprived. I don't know why this week more than others though.
Luke's been night waking a lot... which isn't usually a problem. But he's wanted to nurse at night a lot this week to comfort his teething pain. There has been a couple of times this week where I almost couldn't take it any more. I woke up Ben, angry. Wasn't very nice. But my head was killing me from the on and off waking... These teeth have to get here soon... I am about to loose it. Not to mention yesterday, our realitor called saying someone wanted to show our house (which means she gives permission for another realitor to take people through our house). Our house was a dump. Ben came home on his lunch hour to help. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. We hadn't had it 'show ready' since the week before Luke's birthday party. Needless to say, I missed my nap yesterday which I was almost desperate for. Though, I felt ok. But then I was SO tired come 930 last night so Ben let me sleep a little. I think that was a mistake. I woke up when Luke wanted to nurse down probably 20-30 minutes later and I was cranky. I guess I just flip a switch when I'm super tired. I felt awful. I was kind of mean to Ben and I was just in a sour mood. Now I'm awake a little before Luke wakes up.
It's weeks like this week that make me only want one kid. lol. Thank goodness for Coffee. But seriously, what's it like with more kids? People always have their ideal child spacing. I've seen kids of all spacing. I think I really like closer together better. Like with in 2 years or so. So, Luke is 12 months. So if I got pregnant now, that means he would be 21 months when the baby came. That seems way early. I don't know. I know a lot of people want 3-4 years. But I was an only child and I longed for a brother or a sister to play with. Anyway, those thoughts have been in my mind... well maybe more last week than this week. I think my brain is fogged over this week. I'm napping when Ben gets home from work today.


Melissa said...

My sisters and I are all pretty much exactly 3 years apart, which I think is a nice distance. Our current plan, which is subject to change based on how things go once number one is here, would be to start trying around the time this one is 18 months.

Pickle said...

yeah that's ok too 3 years. I always wanted to have them closer but I don't know what I'd do if I was pregnant right now. Probably loose my mind lol. Maybe in a few months, maybe.