Sunday, May 23, 2010

Looking through the keyhole #2

Looking through the keyhole hosted by Holistic Mama
This is the bookshelf in our living room. It's a huge cube bookshelf from ikea. My husband bought it before we got married. I didn't really like it when he bought it. But now it's actually been really useful and I do admit that I like it.
My husband and I are book collectors. We mostly collect Catholic books. In fact we are kind have an obsession with collecting Catholic books. The last two years we have been to the LA religious education congress (before Luke) and came home with at least a book each. We also hear a talk on the radio or something and just randomly purchase books too. Most of which have (at least the ones I get) are only read about half way through. I have a serious problem of not finishing books. Most of the books I read are for information, so I just read what I need then the rest goes on this bookshelf.
Funny enough, on the right side of this picture is a book called "How to Brew". About 7 months ago my husband and I made our first home brew beer. It made a huge mess and made the whole house smell like hops. But boy was that beer good. We haven't really had time to make another one yet but we should. Maybe we'll make a summery beer soon.
There is another book on the shelf that is hard to see. It's the little black one. It's called 'I can't accept not trying' by Michael Jordan. I LOVE this book. I am a huge basketball nut and I loved Michael Jordan. But this book is about how to keep trying even when you fail. Its such an inspirational book and I read it every once and a while (it's been a long while) when I need some inspiring.
The rest of the books I'm not even sure what they are. We have some sudoko puzzle book, I have no idea where that came from. And then there's an owners manual for my husband's truck. I guess we're not as organized as I thought :)


Lisa C said...

Ugh, I hate those car manual books. There is one of those in my bookshelf.

I have a big assortment of religious/church books (though not Catholic). Mostly gifts or books that I borrowed (ahem) from my parents.

Mon said...

thanks for sharing! so fun to peek into others' homes.

if you're not sure what you have there, decluttering needed? :D i'm Queen Declutterer, just book me in... ;)

Pickle said...

ha! That is pretty decluttered for us lol but it actually isn't too bad... The books that I don't know are my husbands books. The soduko book we do need to get rid of, I don't rwally know why we haven't. We kept some books out there that are just everyday books because we have people in and out of our house since we're trying to sell it. I want to declutter more than I already have... What does your schedule look like tomorrow? Lol :)

Anonymous said...

So many different books on one shelf! Love it! I do the same thing now, though I used to alphabetize back when I was really obsessed with books.

I have a number of books on spirituality (not Catholic either, though I was raised Roman Catholic in Brazil) that I love, love, love. These books offer the best words of inspiration.