Monday, May 31, 2010

Through the Keyhole #3

through the keyhole hosted by Holistic Mama

Most people say this is the most important place of the kitchen. With the exception of the coffee and french press, this is it for us.
I didn't bother cleaning up because this is how it normally is. And this is even fairly clean. Usually, even if the kitchen is clean, there's something on top of the stove... baked goods, clean dishes, anything and everything.
I love to cook. I've said it on my blog before but I have always thought it would be so fun to go to culinary school and be a chef. I also love to bake. I want to own a cake business someday. I kinda already have one, its very slow since I've only had 3 jobs in about 2 years. But, hey, you have to start somewhere. My 3rd job will be this summer where I am making a cake for a friends wedding. I am just making the one that they cut so it's going to be fairly small. It will all take place in this kitchen. Who says you need a nice fancy stove and kitchen to cook fabulous meals?

Here are some things I've cooked on this stove top and in the oven...

Cake For my Mother inlaw's birthday

Black Bean burritos with onions and peppers

asparagus and mushroom risotto

Pesto pasta, chicken and salad

Home made pizza

South-western deviled eggs

roasted chicken and potatoes, papaya salad, veggies

Hungry yet? :)

1 comment:

Lisa C said...

Um, okay, I want the recipes for the risotto and pizza!

And...your oven/range looks eerily similar to mine!

Oh, and the lady who did our wedding cake worked out of her own house, and it was amazing!