Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yep, I'm 27 today. Happy Birthday to me. I wrote down some life time goals a few years ago. Lets see where I'm at.
Ok, I can't find the note book... I just ransacked my house looking for it. I will have to update this when I find that little notebook. Ok I'm actually going a little crazy trying to find it. Maybe I threw it away since we've been packing up getting ready to sell our house.
Let me see what I remember.

Get Married, Check
When we got engaged!

outside our Church the day we got married (obviously)

Have a Baby, Check
Luke and I right after he was born.

Those are the ones I can remember that I've accomplished. I can remember a few more.
Run a Marathon- I started training for one before I got married, but I hurt my foot. Not to mention that the training schedule would have run into my honeymoon... who wants to run 15 miles in Hawaii? Maybe I'll start training again when I stop breastfeeding... when ever that will be.
Visit the Vatican- Someday I'm going to get there. I also just want to go to Italy to eat. I heard the food is good :)
Read the Bible- Ok, I've read a lot of it. In fact, I've probably read the majority of it through out my life. But I'd really like to read it all in like a high intensity bible study.
Those are the ones I can remember that I actually wrote down. Now, I'd like to add a few more.
I want to have a cake business. I'm not that good so far, but I think with some practice, I could be really good...

These are my works of art so far.

Maybe I'll write a book too, or a cook book. I love to cook.

Anyway, time for breakfast... my caffeine buzz is catching up to me!

Happy Birthday!

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Lisa C said...

Happy birthday! 27 was one of my best years ever. Someone told me 27 is supposed to be a big year for women, so expect something big!