Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At Usa's in NoPo

Usa moved out, as you might have noticed in the previous post. She moved up to North Portland and has wanted me to come visit even though she knows Luke isn't the best car traveler. I wanted to go too. It would be my longest venture away from home by myself with Luke. I knew I couldn't put going up there off for too long because at some point we'll be moving even further away. And I didn't want to. I wanted to see if I could make it up there.
So yesterday I did it. I was really nervous but just decided that I didn't care, if he got uncomfortable, I'll just pull over and have coffee and play. We started our journey to North Portland after coffee and breakfast. And, believe it or not, he was completely fine almost the entire time. Towards the end, I think he had to pee so he was a little squirmy but I passed him back a few toys. And sure enough we made it, no stops!! I was proud of myself yesterday.
Here's what we did while we were up there.

We walked to a coffee shop called 'The Grind House' (Usa's favorite).
Luke fell asleep in the Ergo on the way.

Usa getting her caffiene fix.
After walking to coffee, to one of our friends house and back we got in the car and went down the road a little ways to eat Thai food.

Luke chewing on some lip gloss from my back pack before food came out.

Once the food came out, he ate a little but then played on the floor.

This is the mess he made on my pants from dropping food. Never wear white.

The way back from the restaurant.

Back at Usa's, going through all her stuff. He's chewing the remote control here.

It was a really fun day and quite the adventure for Luke. We'll probably make many more trips up there to visit Usa.

Luke passed out in the car on the way home. He had so much fun he even
slept another hoour after we got home.


Melissa said...

Glad your outing went smoothly!

Lisa C said...

Congrats on making it! I have no idea how far away that is.

Pickle said...

it's only like 20-30 min haha but that's a long time for Luke