Monday, April 19, 2010


Since we've been trying to sell our house, our roommate decided to move out. She found a place and it was in the right area, the right price, ect. That left us with an extra room and no big screen tv. Ben and I had always decided that when we had young kids we wanted to try and watch little tv, and really even for our own benefit. Our roommate wanted cable while she was with us so we've always had it. We all enjoyed all the different channels. Me especially loving Food Network. So now that she's gone, we got rid of it. We've always wanted to, we've always talked about it. Now it's gone. And you know what? I hardly miss it.
I've always liked the comfort in knowing that I could watch sports center at night if I wanted to. But I don't watch Sports Center too much anymore. I miss Food Network, but I've seen a lot of what they normally have on. I also really liked TLC. I was hooked on the show called 'Say Yes to the Dress', a show about women picking out their wedding dresses at a New York City shop. And of course there's always a movie on some random channel that you've seen before but it just plays as background music around your house.
We still have the local channels and we save 50 dollars a month! What do we do now? Well, the shows we watch regularly are all on the local stations. Biggest Loser and The Office. I also like the Today Show in the morning and the Rachel Ray show that comes on at 11. Both of which I try not to watch unless Luke is sleeping, though some days I do. And that's it! The rest of everything I can see online after Ben gets home and Luke goes to sleep. I'm really surprised how much I really don't miss it. It's been almost 2 1/2 weeks with out cable and I think I really like it.


Lisa C said...

Haha, I thought this was going to be a post about watching NO TV. We got rid of our extra channels long ago, but I'd like to see the whole TV disappear...only I'm afraid to let go. There is a no TV challenge going on next week, I think, and I want to participate in it.

Lisa C said...

Um, I think I need a no computer challenge, too...that's MY weakness! (Not permanently, though!)

Pickle said...

Ha, I left my comments on your blog :D