Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I love EC.

I love EC because...
  • How do people change cloth poop diapers of an older baby on solid foods? I've done about 2 and that was enough. I don't think Luke has pooped in his diaper for at least 2 months now. Every time he poops in his potty, I think 'man, I love EC'.
  • Diapers are expensive.
  • Training pants on a 10 month old are so cute.
  • I bring tons of diapers every where. I use 0-1 and then wonder why I carried so many with me. (not really a reason to love, just something funny, I would love it more if I stopped carrying around so many diapers)
  • We're getting better at communicating. I think he's almost telling me now that he has to go. Once I saw him crawl back towards our room randomly. He peed on the floor on the way there but I honestly think he was going back there to go the potty.
  • I have to constantly remind myself that starting a sentence with 'When I took Luke to the potty...' or 'Hold on, I think Luke has to potty..' doesn't really make sense to most people considering he's only 10 months old.
There's still lots of misses but I can't believe I'm actually doing EC. What an incredible way to communicate with a baby... and to think that I laughed at the idea of EC 8 months ago...


Lisa C said...

Seriously, it's worth it just for the poops alone!

Cave Mother said...

You're right, the food poops are disgusting.