Friday, March 26, 2010

Allergies and Iron

I don't know what it is but I've been just SO tired lately. Nothing has changed, same amount of sleep, same amount of coffee. I have noticed my allergies getting WAY worse. Usually my body gets tired when allergies are bad. I currently take loratadine which is compatible with breastfeeding. I'd rather not take any medicine. I've read before about taking a tsp of local honey every day instead. Since local honey has local pollen in it it kind of builds up your system to the pollen. I have to start today. I think I will try and go get some honey when Ben gets off work today. I'm wondering if I am allergic to one of our blooming plants in our backyard. I don't know how I would ever know what I'm allergic to. If I knew, I would rip the plant out and take it far away from me. Can you get tested for different types of plants the same way you can get tested for food allergies? I guess I could probably just google that.
Another contributor for my all around tiredness is probably lack of Iron. I stopped taking my prenatal vitamin a month or so ago because I think excessive Vitamin C gives Luke a diaper rash. I notice when I don't take it, his rash goes away. I am pretty confident that it is Vitamin C because I have literally tried to see if it was anything else. Anyways, after all the talk about lactational amenorrhea, my period came back. I guess I knew that was coming subconsciously. I'm pretty bummed about it. I thought I had another few months at least... I guess little Pookie is sleeping longer and eating more. My favorite neighbor Mom had mentioned that I should probably be taking iron now that Aunt Flow is back. Just in the last few days I haven't really even got the energy to leave the house. It sounds like I'm depressed or something but it's just because I feel so tired. I started taking the Iron again and I think that should help a little. Maybe if I can get the honey today too I'll feel less tired. I can't go on like this Ahh! lol


Lisa C said...

My allergies are kicking in, too. I tried taking some homeopathic stuff but it wasn't cutting it, so I took Benadryl and I am soooo tired.

I have heard that about honey, too. Maybe I should be eating some. Honey on peanut butter toast is good. :)

I hope the iron helps. Phillip likes to remind me that low iron can cause depression symptoms (because sometimes I feel depressed and then realize I haven't been taking any supplements for a while).

Pickle said...

I so wish I could take benadryl. I am a little sensitive to any medicine that makes me sleepy though. If I take benadryl I usually am passed out for a while afterwards... so that probably isn't good at anytime of the day with Luke even at night since I might have a hard time waking up to nurse. But boy do i miss it right about now.
Yeah, I can see now that low iron causes depression symptoms. I knew I wasn't depressed, but I was like, whoa I don't even want to leave the house? That's not really like me. So anyways, I think the problem is solved now. I like that Philip reminds you about the depression symptoms... what a gentile reminder to take the iron :)