Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Office

Tonight on 'The Office' Jim and Pam are going to have their baby. While it probably isn't that meaningful to anyone else it brings back a lot of memories for me.
With Luke I was due May 13th. Since neither Ben or I had a job during that time we were home together all the time. During the week of my due date, I was really big and so tired. We decided just to take it easy, rest, and take some walks to try to go into labor. We looked on hulu to find TV shows, since I'm not too into movies, and we found 'The Office'. We watched a couple from Season 5. They only posted 5 at a time so we were totally lost on what was going on. But, thankfully, Ben has netflix so we looked around at some movies and tv shows and we found all 4 seasons of 'The Office'. I was so excited. So, there went the entire week. We watched every single episode. I mean, we would watch one, then we wanted to see what happened in the next one so we just continually watched and watched and watched. We finally finished with all of the first four seasons and still no baby. At that point I was a few days overdue and pretty bummed since we had finished all the epsiodes. So we watched them all again haha since we both had missed some stuff. Still, no Luke. We were also watching the season 5 reruns on hulu when they cycled them through each week. Then we looked at the TV schedule and on the thursday they just happened to be playing a re-run of Season 5 that we were waiting to see. Sure enough, that Thursday afternoon I went into labor. I labored at home for quite a while but we ended up having to go to the hospital right before the show started at 9pm at night. So we missed it, *sigh*.
When we brought Luke home we would watch episodes at night when we had to wake up to feed him and stuff. They were about 20 minutes without commercials so that was just about the amount of time it took to change diapers and nurse Luke. We honestly thought he would associate 'The Office' theme song to eating. Thankfully he didn't but we were pretty convinced for a while.
We finally got all caught up on the episodes and we are excited to watch Jim and Pam have a baby. It's amazing how a show brings back so many memories. I can't believe it's really been 9 and 1/2 months.

Me in labor before Luke was born and Luke just after he was born.

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