Thursday, March 18, 2010

EC stories of the day

(in case you're unfamiliar EC or Elimination Communication is this )
EC Story of the day #1
I just have to post these before I forget. This morning my dad called, Luke was super fussy during the last 10 minutes of our conversation. I got off the phone Luke was still fussy. I thought he just wanted attention. But even though I was holding him he still didn't stop squirming and whining. Even though I didn't think he had to go, I took him to the bathroom. I set him on his toilet. He immediately pooped. He was completely fine after that. I totally missed that communication but he held it until I took him, how cool!
EC Story of the day #2
On the way to moms group at New Seasons, Luke was passed out in the ergo. I went in and sat down and he didn't wake up right away. He woke up about 20 mintues after we got there. He always pees right after waking up so i decided to take him back to the bathroom so we didn't have to dirty a diaper. When I got back there (the bathroom far away from where we meet for moms group) his diaper was already wet so I figured I just hadn't gotten him back there in time and he had to go. I took his diaper off while I was holding him to switch out the pre-fold inside of his diaper cover. I started to feel something warm... yep you guessed it, he started to pee on me. I flipped him around to the potty and he let the rest of the pee out in the toilet. Needless to say I got pee all over the side of my shirt and pants. It wasn't too much since most went in the toilet. Luckily you couldn't see it on my shirt but you could see a little wet on my pants but it kinda looked like I had just gotten water on myself from washing my hands. That wasn't the first time I've been peed on and it probably won't be the last :)

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Lisa C said...


Never assume they are done just because their diaper is wet!

I hardly ever get peed on, but hey, it happens.

Here's my cool EC story of the day. We were walking to the park and halfway there Michael said "Potty." I asked him if he needed to go and he nodded his head. I had him go and I didn't get his pants all the way out of the way. Oops. Okay, that wasn't really funny, but I was still excited that he told me he had to go.