Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swimming and doing things one handed with a baby

Luke and I usually go swimming on Wednesday morning with some other moms and their babies. Today, Luke got his first scrape with blood. We were in the kid pool and there is an island thing that the kids can walk around. It is just about at Luke's height to cruise around. He was half in my arms and half trying to climb and stand up and grab the wall when he hit his chin on the side. He fussed a little but then was fine. The other mom I was with noticed that he had some blood on his chin. Sure enough, he scraped himself when he hit! I took him to this bathroom by the side of the pool. I tried to hold a piece of tissue to his face to try and stop the bleeding, which is hard to do on a 9 month old. The bleeding finally stopped (it wasn't that much). Then I decided that he was probably not going to make it much longer in the pool so I grabbed our stuff and headed back into the family locker rooms but they were full. I decided it would just be easier to go back to the small bathroom I was in before and just change. Luke was starting to get a little fussy. I knew he needed to nurse. I started taking his swim suit off to put his diaper back on and he really wasn't having it. He was HUNGRY and now starting to cry. What do I do, What do I do? This bathroom was small. It's a one person bathroom with a toilet, sink and a pull down changing table. The bathroom was like really not good for changing myself and a baby. There was no place to sit but the toilet and there were no hooks or anything to hang our stuff. So Luke started really wanting to nurse so just I threw my towel down on the ground (sick I know) and sat down and pulled my swimsuit down and nursed him. Yes, I was literally sitting on the floor of a public bathroom breastfeeding my baby. lol.
After a while I was starting to worry since it's not really a changing room, I wanted to get out as soon as possible. How was I going to change myself and get out AND nurse Luke, is this possible? Well it turns out it is. I one handed-ly took my swim suit off and put on all my clothes with one hand, while nursing and holding Luke in the other hand. Then I threw a towel around Luke and my body to cover up, still nursing, and got our stuff and went and sat on one of the chairs by the pool to finish nursing so we could go home. Boy, was that hard. When Luke was 2 months old, I could hardly even nurse him anywhere else but the computer chair in my room. Now I'm so good at multi-tasking-nursing, I was so proud of myself
On the way home from swimming I decided to get Usa and I some coffee at New Seasons. Luke is passed out at this point. So with a sleeping baby in hand I ordered two coffee's, took them one at a time to the car. First I put Usa's americano in the car, then I went back into the store with my reusable grocery bag, got something to eat, put the food in the bag, grabbed the other coffee, paid for my stuff and went back to the car... all while holding Luke.
I'm so good. It's so amazing how good we get at adapting to life with a little one.