Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh how the turn tables.

(the title is a quote from the office)

As I reflect on my thoughts and feelings about being a mom before I was a mom I think of how much I have changed. As a practicing Natural Family Planner, before I had a baby, I was horrified that I would have to do 'ecological breastfeeding' to help with infertility after childbirth. I would never have imagined myself letting my baby suckle when ever he needs or even breastfeed around the clock. What about ME? I always imagined many nights away with bottles of milk on hand so I could 'get away'.
Now what am I? I am an ecological breastfeeder. I nurse my baby when he needs it. There is no 'schedule'. When he's hungry, he gets it. When he needs a little extra comfort, he gets it. When he's sick, he gets it. In the middle of the night when he nuzzles into me because he knows I'm right next to him, he gets it.
Now I can't imagine not having our breastfeeding relationship any different. Now I have an extra special bond with my baby. Now I'm an ecological breastfeeder. Now I have the added benefit of longer lactational amenorrhea. Now I'm 'one of those moms'. And I love it.


Lisa C said...

I wish we could use natural family planning! (got my period back right away) I'm not the best at nursing on cue, and I wish I were better at it. I really believe it's the best thing for the child, but when he wants to nurse right before dinner, I'd rather he eat the yummy food I just made! Or if he wants to nurse more often than usual, I start offering more food and drink. Then he comes down with an illness and I realize how much he really needed the extra milk and I feel bad. Better to trust the baby!

Pickle said...

yeah, I'll use nfp once my period comes back too, we use sympto-thermo method. In fact, it'll be easier for me once I regualy cycle again so I can notice regular signs.
anywyas, Luke loves to nurse, he's obsessed. My sister in law said her son likes eating more than nursing, I don't think Luke will be that way till he's 4 or something LOL but you never know.

Melissa said...

I used to keep track of my cycles when I started temping. It was a lot easier to just input temps/symptoms in the computer than to have a paper chart. In our case it didn't really matter since we had to use fertility treatments but it was nice to have the charts to take to my doctors.

Pickle said...

cool about the online chart. That's Bens job. We used to just do it on paper then excel. We really haven't charted since before we were married... When it didn't matter. Breastfeeding makes all of it a mystery now so who knows when #2 will come along.