Saturday, March 13, 2010

How's Pickle Doing?

Pickle is doing quite well. A typical day for him is like this.
Between 3-5am wake up loud meows to get us to feed him some breakfast. Ben gets up, gives him food and comes back to bed, unless Pickle is good and sleeps in till Ben gets up for work.
After his food he wonders the house for a while before sleeping or laying down somewhere again. He also plays with Ben until he goes to work.
~730 goes back to sleep. He either sleeps in bed with Luke and I. Or he sleeps out in the living room. Sometimes he comes in and meows a little bit because he wants more food, but then will lay down after I refuse to get up to feed him because I don't want to wake up.
When Luke and I wake up... usually around 830ish, Pickle runs out with us to the kitchen hoping for a scoop of food or to be let into the garage. I can sometimes occupy him by opening the blinds on the kitchen window. Sometimes he waits until Luke and I have sat down to have breakfast to meow loudly for food or to go in the garage. I get up and tend to his needs. Sometimes he'll scratch at the blinds until I open them.
~10 after wondering, garage, eating his scoop, watching Luke crawl after him, he's back to sleep.
He sleeps the day away either on my bed or the guest bed. Sometimes waking up to wonder the house but usually goes right back to lay down.
Between 330-5 (5 is his dinner time of wet cat food) He will sprint into the kitchen EVERY single time it looks like i'm heading in that direction because there's hope that he might get more food. This continues until 5 (soemtimes 430) when I feed him.
630-730 begs for scoops of kibble
8-10 He's awake and playing with us or sitting on his cat tree on the highest perch watching our every move.
at 10 Pickle is out for the night to start his day again.

Pickle is almost 3 years old on April 15. He's a great cat. He's never tried to bother Luke. He lets Luke crawl up to him and touch him but then he quickly gets out of the way and gives Luke the look like 'what do you think you're doing'. Pickle is very particular and only wants the best of , everything. Hence why he usually sleeps on our temerpediic mattress, instists on wet cat food at 5am, and seems really bothered when things aren't going his way. He's spoiled and he knows it.


Lisa C said...

Ugh, he sounds like my cat Tucker. I used to feed him and my other cat 4 times a day (my other cat would have been content with once a day, that she would graze on, but Tucker is a PIG and would eat all her food). So we got automatic timers, Phillip built a special eating area in the garage with a compartment just for my other cat Maverick, that only she can go in. Anyway, since I am no longer "the hand that feeds them" he never bothers me for food, and he gets fed twice a day. But he does bug me for lots of attention!

Pickle said...

lol. Usually Ben does the early morning feeding, thankgoodness. But I still have to later on. It was funny I sung the biggest loser theme song to him today and ben and I danced around him. He loved it. He's just so obsessed with food and prob could lose a few pounds.