Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Thursday and no nap

I didn't get my nap with Luke in today. I let him sleep in the bed while I made this cool book for Luke for church. It is just made out of card stock covered in contact paper. But it's neat because it is going to have one for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and then Easter. I did it because Luke is always so distracted during Mass. He really wants to use our missal but the papers are thin and they are really easily tear-able... which isn't a good thing considering one of Luke's favorite things to do is tear paper. So hopefully, I can keep making a different book/paper thing each Sunday so he can have something to read. I just don't like the idea of distractions. I don't want him to learn that we come to church to play, or eat cereal, or anything else. So at least if I'm kind of trying to distract him, it will at least be with a religious thing. We'll see how that turns out.
I missed my nap though. I can really tell when being tired is starting to wear on me. It hits in the afternoon around 4-5, right before Ben gets home. It makes for a really unproductive evening. Maybe I'll nap tomorrow.


Lisa C said...

That's a good idea, and I know what you mean about distracting with toys and food. But what can you do? It's not like they can pay attention to the service.

I think it's important to keep church a positive experience. With Michael we try to give him a chance to sit quietly, and then when that runs out we let him play/read quietly, and then when that runs out, we take him into the hall. Hopefully as he gets older the sitting quietly will last longer.

I also try to explain what is going on, like when the sacrament is being passed. I think it gives it more meaning to him.

Pickle said...

Yeah I know. I distract him with toys and stuff. I totally agree with keeping church positive... but distracting with religious stuff seems better to me... even though it only works for aprox 10 minutes give or take:)