Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time Change and Luke

Luke usually goes to bed at 10. Yeah, I know, It's pretty late for a baby. Ben gets home later, so if Luke had an early bed time, Ben would never see him. It works out anyways. He usually sleeps in pretty late too so it makes up for it. I thought after we set our clocks ahead, Luke wouldn't know and try and stay up till 11. That would be way too late for even us. Since basically we go to bed whenever Luke falls asleep or a little after. I thought for sure Sunday night would be miserable with him staying up till 11 and finally going to sleep which would mean that Ben would not get enough sleep for work and we'd all be tired all week. Surprisingly though, Luke went to sleep at 9. Then Monday, 9. And last night around 10. Perfect. How it didn't affect him, I'll never know.
I think once we move, I would like to see if I could try and get him to go to bed a wee bit earlier. Ben will be at home 2 hours more every day so he'll get plenty of time with Luke. The main reason would be because I would like to have the option of going to bed at 9 or even earlier if I wanted to. Plus, as he (and the rest of the kids we are going to have) get older, it'd be nice if they weren't used to staying up until 10. Especially when they start school... though that's an entire different blog post since we're probably going to home school... they should go to bed a little bit earlier. But who knows. I've never really had any sort of schedule for Luke. He just sleeps when he's tired. Sometimes that means carrying him in the ergo somewhere I have to go. Or taking him out of the car seat while he's passed out to go into a store. Or just passing out at moms group. He usually sleeps anywhere, which is a blessing. He takes after Ben and I. I guess it'd be nice to know when he's going to sleep. Maybe at some point we'll have a constancy. I can see it more as he gets older. Right now, he's usually awake by 8ish. Sleeps again from 11-12ish. Then a later afternoon nap 4-6ish. Though, today was different, he woke up when Ben left for work, so he's back asleep now. Maybe some day, he'll decide on a schedule. Until then, we'll just roll with the punches.


Lisa C said...

Michael is a routine baby, not a schedule baby. The time changes haven't affected him because he adjusts to the routine, not the time. Maybe Luke is the same way. Michael always developed his own schedule, but it was never set in stone. If he randomly wakes up too early one morning, his nap will be off. Planning outings got much easier when he went down to one nap, though!

Cave Mother said...

I've always done my best to have my daughter home for her naps. She normally goes to bed at about 9 - 9.30pm, but if she has a long nap too late in the day she is up for ages. It was so tricky juggling sleep and outings for the first year or so. She went down to one 2 hour nap when she was about 12 months, so things are a lot easier now. We have a morning activity, followed by lunch and nap, then we have time to do something in the afternoon before daddy gets home.

Pickle said...

you know actually, as Luke has gotten older, the more he really needs his naps, like the better he is through out the day when he gets in quality naps. Before he'd nap in the sling where ever. Now he's really a great bed napper. He'll sleep for hours in the bed and he generally goes to bed easier if he's rested. Still no great schedule but a semi more consistent.