Monday, March 8, 2010

Wrapping up this Weekend

Not sure that I have anything to blog about this morning. I woke up when Ben left for work. I feel pretty rested since Luke slept really well last night and is still sleeping. Probably not for too much longer though. Ben brought me toast and coffee in bed so now I am wide awake :)
I love waking up early. I have always been a morning person. You might think it's because I love coffee. I think coffee adds to the fun of being up to see a new day. I get more done when I wake up early. I can wake up, pray with out disruption, watch the news/blog/drink coffee all while Luke is sleeping away in my arms, or in this case he is still lying in our bed. It's just a little ME time and I like that.
This weekend we spent getting ready to put our house on the market. We packed up A LOT of clutter in to boxes that were put in the garage. We turned Luke's 'nursery' into a regular guest room. I guess it wasn't that big of feat considering we sleep with Luke and took down the crib months ago. The crib was in our room anyway. So basically we just removed the diaper table, got rid of a huge dresser and organized all of Luke's clothes into the closet. It looks clutter free. In our room, we de clutterized, moved some things into the garage and if I could just finish our last load of laundry we just might be done in here too.
Our yard needs some work. I think I will plant some flowers this week, Luke willing. I am debating on asking my dad to help me a little when he is up here this coming weekend. I'm not sure if he would rather just relax, or would be interested in helping us think about our yard. My dad is really good at outside yard projects. He has a green thumb and he really knows how to make flower beds and build anything out of cement blocks. Maybe he can come up with some ideas? Now that I am thinking of all of this, maybe I should call him. Oh, 730 might be a wee bit early.
We are still probably a few weeks out on completely having the house ready to put on the market. I'm not sure if I believe that we are really trying to move. I guess it will really set in when we actually put the house up for sale. Or maybe it will set in when we have to move out of here. Or maybe it will set in when I'm actually in Newberg? For now, I'm just trying to live in the moment.

our room, pictures taken from bed

picture of 'nursery'

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